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security and privacy of our clients is our highest priority

cpcloud.nl wants to make sure that your devices connecting to our services are using the highest security standards. Contact our support for any questions or help. With your valuable feedback, we are able to support and educate other clients.

servers & webhosting

We provide online cloud services for individuals and companies. This includes, but is not limited to: Domain registration, servers (bare metal or virtual), webhosting, containerized applications (optional kubernetes), email hosting. For smaller projects we can either set you up with one of our partners. Or we can provide the management for you at a small service fee. Our dedicated support staff works closely with those partners.

cloud routers

With a cloud router we can easily create a secure network for your resources. By using this technology you do not need to expose any ports at your company or have a fixed IP-address. The cloud router filters all incoming traffic. The connection from the cloud router to your company router uses VPN, which is secure by default. You can connect multiple locations all over the world. Additionally, we can set up your employees so they can connect to your cloud router. This way they can access the necessary company resources from any remote location.

company goal

Our main goal is keeping your services online. Whilst trying to use the highest possible security. Making sure all data is transmitted using encryption. And connections cannot be hijacked by any malicious user, company or government (hacker, ISP, airport, ... or any other MITM attack).

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